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Animated Illustrations by Tara Dougans

Album Cover Illustration by xhxix





Often times I see great artwork online but the artist isn’t mentioned and it’s very hard to find out who made it.

Even with this one, although it’s a LP limited edition cover for Boris/Joe Volk. After some research I found what I was looking for.

The artist!

Xhxix is a Japanese artist who works on digital paintings with a lot of young men as his theme. It has something melodramatic, hopeless, sad but painted with all kind of colours mixed together, which gives it an odd feeling.

I love it.

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Little Poems with Illustrations by Gabriella Barouch

Illustrated Calendar Ideas!


I don’t have a calendar at home.

The reason for that is…everytime I want to  buy one, I can only find really ugly calendars in the stores…(Am I the only one?)

But because I’m forgetting important birthdays of my friends and family, I want to have a calendar! So I thought: “I’m going to make one!”

So I was searching for some examples online. I want to share some nice calendars here. Maybe you can make one too! Or even collaborate with other illustrators/classmates!

If you made one, please share it with us!


Made by Agata Dudek



DittoDittoworks. www.dittoditto.net

Ditto Ditto is a letterpress printing and design studio from Hong Kong. We create paper products, personalized stationary and provide custom design. The company name — “ditto ditto”, symbolizes our seemingly repetitive daily life, remind us to keep on discovering miracles that we see in ordinary daily life. With passion for handicraft and letterpress printing, we sincerely hope to share our little discoveries of ordinary miracles with you. And wish you can pass our discoveries with those whom you care


Made by Sheepshead Design


This is more pattern like. Illustration can be used as a pattern for….so many things!


Black and white calendar by The Hungry Fox.


It doesn’t even need much color.


A cute mini calendar by Cat Seto.



Made by Darling Clementine.


I like the brown paper background and space to write.

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Product Illustration by Conrad Roset








I want to share this artist it’s nice to see illustration on packages. It makes you wonder what else you can do with illustration.

Check out more of this artist, because you will see different lovely styles on his website.

He worked for clients like Zara, Coca Cola, Adidas and Bershka.

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Illustrator Ashley Mackenzie



Info: Ashley’s piece for Ghostbook, a collection of ghostly themed images and comics from a variety of artists and illustrators.


Title: Pangolin

Info: Part of Gallery Nucleus’ Animal Kingdom Exhibition.


Title: Seeking Substance

Info: Technology has made the process of finding information incredibly simple, inhibiting our capacity to become truly knowledgeable

Site: http://ashmackenzie.com/

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Linocut Stamps by Masha Shishova





Info: Personal project that Masha and her friend Polina made for there brand called: Slowcut. they produc linocuts, posters, postcards and handmade stamps. Smart D.I.Y. idea, don’t you think?

About Masha Shishova: She is a artist, illustrator from Moscow. If you like cartoons you should check out here Behance portfolio because she has some amazing drawing skills in a cartoony style.

Site: http://www.behance.net/MariaShishova

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Ghosts in the Real World by Herbert Baglione

Animal T-shirt Designs by Aurora Sanz




Animal T-shirt designs

Aurora Sanz is a designer from Spain. She loves to conceptualize and design for interactive digital platforms, ads, campaigns and branding.
Site: http://www.gasdsgn.com/

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Detailled Drawing by Remi Andron





Title: Crananas

Info: An anamophic representation of a skull and a pineapple by Rémi Andron.In the early summer 2011, one of FLOZ studio member, Rémi Andron, was asked by a friend to reinterpret a tattoo he had just few weeks before. Called “CRANANAS” (a mix in French between the words “crâne” for skull and “ananas” for pineapple) it’s a drawing made with a black ballpen Bic on a sheet of pale yellow paper, size 60x40cm.

About artist: Remi Adron is an artist from Paris. “So influenced by the American comics culture as by the photorealism movement or still the Renaissance period, Rémi Andron’s universe mixes iconic compositions with a detailed depiction, the purpose being to get closer to a natural depiction while keeping a drawn aspect. Working essentially in black and white, the technical tools which he uses are accessible to all (ball-point pen, graphite, ink) always in this will to return and sometimes to report a ” popular imaging ” which inspired him for a long time.”

Site: http://www.behance.net/remiandron

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VIDEO: Laika Studio Tour

Apak Studio | Ayumi and Aaron



Apak_Studio2 Apak_Studio_1

Apak is Aaron & Ayumi Piland  are husband & wife  who create artwork together!

‘Our goal is to bring something beautiful and meaningful into the world in hopes of inspiring us all to live simply, peacefully, and harmoniously.’

Individual Portfolios
Ayumi: http://www.apakstudio.com/ayumi
Aaron: http://www.apakstudio.com/aaron


Email: Apak@Apakstudio.com
Etsy Shop: http://apak.etsy.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/apakstudio
Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/apak/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/apakstudio
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/APAK.Ayumi.Aaron
Tumblr: http://apakstudio.tumblr.com/

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Project M/4. Pop-up Exhibit and Mural Project in Berlin



May 17 there was a Curated pop-up exhibit and mural project from Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace as part of Project M/4 with Urban Nation.
Too bad I couldn’t visit Berlin to see all these amazing artists together to work on there walls.
But I want to share with you their walls!


Alexis Dias in action.


Alexis Dias: www.cargocollective.com/alexisdiaz (check out his header on the site. Doesn’t that look awesome?)



Thinkspace_Andrew Schoultz

Andrew Schoultz: www.andrewschoultz.com



Christian Guemy: www.c215.fr



Curiot www.curiot.tumblr.com






Joao Ruas / Feral Kid: www.feral-kid.com




Fernando Chamarelli: www.chamarelli.com



Glenn Barr: www.glbarr.com



Lowbros in action: www.www.facebook.com/lowbros (site under construction)


Thinkspace_Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 10.54.04 AM

Nosego: www.nosego.com



Word To Mother: www.wordtomother.co.uk


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GIFs and Illustrations by Michele Guidarini




La_Tristezza_Di_Essere_Michele_Guidarini Michele_Guidarini


Michele Guidarini was born in Grosseto (Tuscany – Italy) in 1981.

He studied commercial art before graduating at Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. Thanks to his artistic studies, he came to the conclusion that the paintbrush wasn’t made for him. «I looked at my paintings, burdened with this damn oil tempera, the shiny colours, the different shades. Then my eye dropped on my sketchbooks. Dirty, greasy, rough/unpolished, covered in words without a sense. I understood that i had put all myself in these sketches, my whole world. And I closed with classical painting». The technique he uses today is a mixed media of pens, ink, Magic Markers on paper, spray and collage. He’s been expe- rimenting with tattoo on pig skin too. Inspired for his whole life by the works of Bacon and Goya, Michele Guidarini started following Low Brow attracted by the catchy aestetics: «I think as a graphic designer, so the image, the balance, the colours are really important for me. After the first glimpse of wonder, i found out that this artistic flow isn’t trivial at all and there is a lot more under the shiny colours, a whole universe of hidden meanings. It’s a reflection of the artist and the world in which we live in, a reflection of the soul, heart and pain». Rolling Stone Magazine and Tattoo Life introduced him as one of the greatest italian young talents, gathering around him the interest of the medias for this young artist that plays with shapes and icons and shows in his works an irony about love and death, sadness and elation, colours and black and white, drama and comedy.

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Colorfull And Emotional Work by Hook Woojin

Robert Ball – Game Of Thrones Illustrations


Robert M. Ball, designer and illustrator living and working in London, was commissioned by a digital branding agency in New York – 360i, on behalf of HBO. The idea was to get everyone geared up for Season Four of Game of Thrones by producing some original content that worked as a reminder of the events of the first three seasons. Every day a new illustration would appear on www.beautifuldeath.com, until Season four, when a new illustration would appear a few days after each broadcast.
All these illustrations look great and I wondered how he get the job?
Robert M. Ball: “I pitched for the job, the brief was to create an illustration around a death in episode 1, the beheading of a deserter by Ned Stark. I think there’s two reasons not to show the characters too much – to avoid creating another ‘version’ of those characters so you have images that complement the TV series rather than contradict them, to act as a memory jog so the audience remembers the scene, rather than trying to replicate it. Secondly, if you catch an illustration for an episode you haven’t seen yet, by making them slightly oblique the episode won’t be immediately spoiled for you.”
Robert Ball concept illustrations Game of thrones
Here you can see the sketchfase of Robert M. Ball, tests for colour combinations and composition.
This is so interesting to see, don’t you think?
Robert M. Ball: “In the case of the sword and the river, those thumbnails were alternatives in my pitch to demonstrate that I had other ideas, to show that I had more than one thought! I would always supply at least two or three ideas per episode, with my preference, which would sometimes be added to by the guys at 360i – it was a very collaborative process.”
Robert Ball Illustration Age Games of thrones

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Looooong Illustration by Georges le Mercenaire

Brushstroke Fish by Bill Mayer


Bill_Mayer1 bill_Mayer2 Bill_Mayer3

I’m always amazed when artists can produce images with effortless brushstrokes.

Bill Mayer about these illustrations: ” Back from a long holiday at the cottage in Ontairio and trying to get things moving, including me. I was wondering if I could still draw anything. Tried out a few more of these little brush drawings…”

Well, even if you take a long break, you still got the skills Bill!

Website: www.thebillmayer.com

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Dubstep Animation by Jason Giles

Illustrations and Sculptures by Moon

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